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Black Magic 3D Glow in the Dark 3D
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MatterHackers ABS
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Taulman Alloy 910
Taulman Bridge

What is this?

Have you ever tried to figure out how much filament is left on a spool? Do you find yourself trying to compare filament prices in terms of actual printed output, but giving up due to differences in spool weight and material density?

When dealing with various 3D printer filaments, I encountered similar challenges, so I created Fused Filaments to make things easier. Many of these problems stem from one fundamental issue: filament is normally sold by weight, but filament usage is often expressed as volume (or length - which directly translates to volume for a given diameter).

To make things worse, information about filament densities and actual spool weights can be hard to track down; if you do find it, the information isn't in a form that lends itself to easy comparison.

Fused Filaments solves this by aggregating information about a variety of filaments and presenting it in a handy filament calculator and comparison tool.

The site has been useful to me, and I hope it's useful to you!

I need your help!

This website would not be possible without support from people like you.

If you've found missing or inaccurate information, please email me (see instructions below).

Some ways you can help:

  • Email

    The following information is needed for including a filament on this site:

    1. Type of filament material (PLA, ABS, etc.)
    2. Filament name and color
    3. Manufacturer / brand name
    4. At least one link to a retailer that carries the filament (unless discontinued)
    5. Weight of new spool (filament + spool, without packaging) using a calibrated scale, in grams
    6. Filament diameter in millimeters
      • Include both the advertised diameter, as well as an average of 3 or more measurements from separate identical spools or sections of your spool
      • Diameter should be measured using a calibrated digital caliper with precision of at least 0.01 mm
    7. Filament density in grams per cubic centimeter (g/cm³)
      • Density should be obtained from the manufacturer, or using the length (in millemeters) and weight (in grams) of at least 5 meters of filament:
      • Length should be carefully measured to the nearest millimeter
      • Weight should be measured with a calibrated scale, at a precision of at least 0.01 g
      • Filament should be new, with no significant exposure to humidity or other contamination
      • These measurements are used in calculating the filament's density, so high accuracy is important
      • When finding density yourself, please send me your measurements for length and weight
    8. Weight of empty spool, in grams

    It's best if you can send me all of the information listed above for a filament, but partial information (as long as it's accurate!) is helpful also.

    If you can find a reputable source (e.g., manufacturer specs) for the filament density, full weight, and/or spool weight, you may include that instead of the corresponding figures above.

    While not required, if you have general tips for printing the filament (not specific to a single 3D printer) or other interesting filament details, include those as well!

    Once you've gathered the information listed above, email it to: [email protected]

  • Mail

    By sending a new, unopened/sealed spool of filament, I'll be able perform the necessary measurements with a consistent set of tools/processes, and the product will appear as a verified product. Unless you believe the filament's data on this site needs correction, please only send filaments that are not already verified. Only send commercially-available, standard size filament spools (no samples, please).

    Please ensure your spool is correctly labeled with the manufacturer and filament name / color (if in doubt, please include a note with those details), and that the spool is packed well to avoid damage in shipping.

    I don't accept partially-used spools due to the increased likelihood of filament contamination and/or absorbed moisture.

    Note: You will not receive your filament back!

    Mail filament to:

    Lumination Labs
    340 S Lemon Ave #8840
    Walnut, CA 91789